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Background Information
Executive Leadership Associates was founded to provide human resources consulting services which are based on solid, real-time experience in helping companies achieve organizational and financial succeess.
Dick Amabile is the founder and president of the company. The firm specializes in helping organizations capitalize on opportunities to meet both their long and short-term business objectives, through leveraging human capital. This requires a perspective based on the integration of Strategy, Structure, Processes and People. Following are examples of some of the areas addressed in various assignments:
   Executive Continuity    Performance Management    Team Development
   Succession Planning    Performance Appraisal    Marketing Management
   Executive Counseling    Climate Surveys    New Product Introduction
   Executive Development    Organizational Change    Sales Training
   Management Development    Organization Design    Strategic Planning
   Employee Development    Innovation    Supervisory/Mgmt Training
Prior to founding Executive Leadership Associates, Dick was Senior Director of Intellectual Capital for Enron Corporation. Enron was voted "Most Innovative Company" in America for many years and was identified as having some of the highest quality employees in the industry. For over ten years, Dick not only provided overall functional guidance on Intellectual Capital throughout Enron, but also served as an internal consultant to various Enron operating units on areas ranging from Executive Counseling to Large Scale Organization Change Processes. His experience also includes senior management responsibility for executive continuity, management development and training for three other major US corporations.
Prior to joining Enron is 1989, Dick was President of Management Development Resources, Inc. a Connecticut firm providing consulting services in the areas of Executive Continuity, Succession Planning, Human Resources Planning, Organization Effectiveness, Training and Development.
In addition to the Energy industry, his experience includes broad-based domestic and international work in a variety of other industries, including:
   Telecommunications    Fiber Optics    Mini-computers
   Pharmeceuticals    Heavy Equipment    Engineering and Construction
   Forest Products    Metal Fabrication    Plastics Manufacturing
   Financial Services    Insurance    Packaging
Dick has worked in dozens of countries around the world from Singapore to Sao Paulo. This global, multi-industry experience base allows him to view situations from a variety of perspectives, rather than one founded upon one particular industry's or culture's experience.
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